Welcome to the Guide for Physics Lists!

Scope of this Manual

This guide is a description of the physics lists class which is one of the mandatory user classes for a Geant4 application. For the most part the “reference” physic lists included in the source distribution are described here as well the modularity and electronic options. Some use cases and areas of application are also described.

Status of this Document

Guide describing Physics Lists and their possible application in more detail.

  • Rev 1.0: First sphinx version implemented for Geant4 Release 10.4, 8th Dec 2017

  • Rev 2.0: Updates and fixes in documentatio for Geant4 Release 10.4, 15th May 2018

  • Rev 3.0: Geant4 Release 10.5, 11th December 2018

  • Rev 3.1: Geant4 Updates and fixes - especially to search functionality, 5th March 2019

  • Rev 4.0: Geant4 Release 10.6, 6th December 2019