Geant4 Examples

This module collects four sets of user examples aimed to demonstrate to the user how to make correct use of the GEANT4 toolkit by implementing in a correct way those user-classes which the user is supposed to customize in order to define his/her own simulation setup.

The "basic" set of examples is oriented to novice users and covering the most typical use-cases of a Geant4 application with keeping simplicity and ease of use.

An "extended" set of examples may require some additional libraries besides of Geant4. This set covers many specific use cases for actual detector simulation.

An "advanced" set of examples covers the use-cases typical of a "toolkit"-oriented kind of development, where real complete applications for different simulation studies are provided; may require additional third party products to be built.

Most of the examples can be run both in interactive and batch mode, and input macro files (*.in) and reference output files (*.out) are provided. Basic and most of the extended examples are considered part of the system testing suite for validation of the official releases of the GEANT4 toolkit. Basic and some of the extended and advanced examples are also used as "acceptance"-tests for the release process.

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The previous set of examples oriented to novice users, "novice", has been refactored in "basic" and "extended" examples sets in Geant4 10.0. The information about the original set of these examples can be found at this page .

And more on what is common for all examples:

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